All-Virginia Awards

ALL-Virginia (Selected by Virginia Sports Information Directors)
2014-15 Khory Moore, SO First
2013-14 D.J. Woodmore, SR First
2012-13 D.J. Woodmore, JR First
  Chris Astorga, SR Second
2011-12 D.J. Woodmore, SO First
  Donald Vaughn, SR Second
2009-10 Stephen Fields, SR First
2007-08 Tyler Fantin, SR First
  TonTon Balenga, SR Second
2006-07 Brandon Adair, SR First

TonTon Balenga, JR First
2005-06 Brandon Adair, JR First

TonTon Balenga, SO Second

Marques Fitch, SR Honorable mention
2004-05 Brandon Adair, SO First

Peter Warren, SR Honorable mention

TonTon Balenga, FR Honorable mention
2003-04 David Doino, SR Second
2000-2001 Ron Yuahsz, Sr. First
1999-2000 Ron Yuhasz, Jr. First
1998-99 Jason Nickerson, Sr. First


VaSID College Division Player of the Year
2014-15 Khory Moore
2013-14 D.J. Woodmore
2006-07 Brandon Adair
2005-06 Brandon Adair


VaSID College Division Coach of the Year
2011-12 David Macedo
2010-11 David Macedo
2008-09 David Macedo
2006-07 David Macedo
2005-06 David Macedo
2004-05 David Macedo