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All-Region Awards

2010 (ABCA/Rawlings)  
Mike Marion, SR, DH First
Myles Shipp, JR, OF Third
Alex DeJesus, JR, P Third
2009 (ABCA/Rawlings)  
Brett Horowitz, SR, P First
C.J. Rhodes, SR, C Second
Phil Cadle, SR, OF Third and Gold Glove Award
2008 (ABCA/Rawlings)
Gary Bulman, FY, P Second
C.J. Rhodes, JR, C Honorable mention
Ozz Dhramapitaksook, SR, OF Honorable mention
Brandon Hathaway, JR, SS Gold Glove Award
2007 (ABCA/Rawlings)
Matt Hudgins, SR, C First and Gold Glove Award
Chris Rivera, SR, P Second
2006 (ABCA/Rawlings)
Brent Vuyovich, SR, OF Second
Ricky Allred, JR, DH Honorable mention
Matt Hudgins, JR, C Honorable mention
Dan Sellers, SO, OF Honorable mention
2005 (ABCA/Rawlings)
Colin Roberson, SR, OF First
2004 (ABCA/Rawlings)
Derrick Rawlings, SR, P First
Mike Supa, SR, C Second
Stephen Hatcher, SR, 1B Second
Jason Jarret, JR, P Second
John Kasiski, GR, DH Third
Ace Purvis, SR, P Third
2003 (ABCA/Rawlings)
Jason Jarret, SO, P Second
2000 (ABCA/Rawlings)
Brian Corbo, P First
Scott James, 2B Second
Josh Longe, OF Second
Mike Weatherly, 3B Honorable mention
Kevin Flanagan First
J.C. Caperton Second
Brian Corbo Honorable mention
Kevin Flanagan  
Kevin Flanagan Second
Bill Kachuba, P Second
Shawn O'Dell, 1B Honorable mention
Gary Sasser, OF First
Kevin Rooks, 1B Second
Anthony Doane, SS Honorable mention
Rob Fallon, SR, 3B First
Glen Pizzanello, FR, OF First
Matt Sinnen, C  
Lou Vincent, P  
John Kasiski, DH First
Danny, Rosendale, 2B Second
Jeff Butler, OF Second
John Kreiser, OF Second


Region All-Tournament Team
2006 (Rocky Mount, NC)
Chris Rivera, P
Dan Sellers, OF
2003 (Hickory, NC)
Brandon Hill, 2B
Paul Johnson, SS

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