All-Conference Awards

All-Old Dominion Athletic Conference
Four-time All-ODAC Honorees
Brian Corbo, P 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
Three-tme All-ODAC Honorees
John Kasiski, DH 2002,2003, 2004
John Kreiser, OF 2000, 2001, 2002
Kevin Flanagan, C 1997,1998, 1999
Andy Wissinger, SS 1997, 1998, 1999
Fella Dolby, P, DH 1996, 1997*
*Honored as P and DH in 1997
Number of First-Team Honorees since 1990
Virginia Wesleyan 56
Bridgewater 43
Lynchburg 31
Washington and Lee 30
Hampden-Sydney 23
Randolph-Macon 22
Guilford 20
Emory & Henry 15
Eastern Mennonite 13
Roanoke 1
Anthony Siracusa, DH Third
Shayne Paskanik, OF First
Pike Brynildsen, OF Honorable mention
Miles Shipp, OF First
Mike Marion, DH First
Max Axelrod, 2B Honorable mention
Brett Horowitz, P First
C.J. Rhodes, C First
Phil Cadle, 2B First
Mike Marion, 1B Second
Kevin Nally, 1B Honorable mention
Ozz Dhramapitaksook, OF First
Gary Bulman, P First
Jesse Freeman, P Second
Phil Cadle, 2B Second
C.J. Rhodes, 1B/C Honorable mention
Ricky Allred, OF First
Chris Rivera, P First
Matt Hudgins, C First
Ozz Dhramapitaksook, OF First
Brandon Hathaway, SS Honorable mention
Ricky Allred, DH First
Matt Hudgins, C First
Dan Sellers, OF First
Brent Vuyovich, OF Second
Zach Baker, P Second
Erik Nguyen, P Honorable mention
Colin Roberson, OF First
Brandon Hill, SS Second
David Imperato, P Second
Jason Jarret, P Honorable mention
Stephen Hatcher, 1B First
Mike Supa, C First
John Kasiski, DH First
Derrick Rawlings, P First
John Kasiski, DH First
Jason Jarret, P First
Paul Johnson, SS Second
T.J. Adams, OF Second
Mike Supa, C Second
Adam Hamilton, P Second
John Kasiski, DH First
Danny, Rosendale, 2B Second
Jeff Butler, OF Second
John Kreiser, OF Second
Scott James, 2B First
Roger Carpenter, DH First
John Kreiser, OF First
Brian Corbo, P Second
Mike Weatherly, 3B Second
Scott James, 2B First
Mike Weatherly, 3B First
Josh Longe, OF First
Brian Corbo, P First
Josh Kreiser, OF Second
Norm Martel, OF Second
JC Caperton, SS First
Kevin Flanagan, C First
Adam Leed, OF First
Brian Corbo, P First
Josh Longe Second
Norm Martel Second
Andy Wissinger Second
Kevin Flanagan, 2B First
Andy WIssinger, SS First
Brian Corbo, P Second
Brett Craun, P Second
Shawn O'Dell, OF Second
Matt Apple, DH Second
Robbi Moose, 1B First
Chris LeMore, C First
Kevin Flanagan, 2B First
Colin Jones, 3B First
Fella Dolby, DH First
Fella Dolby, P First
Jim Shannon Second
Andy Wissinger Second
Shawn O'Dell, 1B First
Bill Kachuba, P First
Kevin Rooks, 1B First
Jason Williams, 2B First
Anthony Doane, SS First
Gary Sasser, OF First
Vince Callis, C Second
Ryan Casey, OF Second
Billy Kachuba, P Second
Anthony Doane, 2B First
Bobby Stewart, 3B First
Doug Kaufman, DH First
Jason Humrich, OF First
Jim Keitel, P First
Mike Tomesetti Second
Bobby Stewart, 3B First
Chris Dotolo, 3B First
Joe Kansco, C First
Rodney Cole, 2B First
Chris Dotolo, 3B Second
Caig Chrisman, P Second


ODAC Player of the Year
1994 Gary Sasser, OF
1997 Fella Dolby, P/DH
2007 Matt Hudgins, C
2010 Mike Marion, DH
ODAC Rookie of the Year
2008 Gary Bulman
ODAC Pitcher of the Year
2007 Chris Rivera
2008 Gary Bulman
2009 Brett Horowitz
ODAC Coach of the Year
2006 Nick Boothe
2004 Nick Boothe
2000 Nick Boothe
1997 Nick Boothe
1994 Nick Boothe
1993 Nick Boothe
ODAC/Farm Bureau Insurance Scholar-Athlete

Pike Brynildsen, JR, OF


Max Axelrod, SR, 2B
ODAC All-Tournament Teams
Adam Marx, JR, 1B
Gary Bulman, FY, P
Matt Hudgins, SR, C
Chris River, JR, P -- Most outstanding player
Ricky Allred, Jr., DH
Mike Cardwell, 3B
Brent Voyovich, OF
Brent Voyovich, SO, OF -- Most outstanding player
Stephen Hatcher, SR, 1B
Colin Roberson, JR, OF
Derrick Rawlings, SR, P
John Kasiski, GR, DH
Brandon Hill, SO, 2B
Paul Johnson, JR, SS
Michael Snapp, FR, 3B
Dan Sellers, R, 3B
T.J. Adams, SR, OF
John Kasiski, SR, DH
Derrick Rawlings, JR, P
Adam Hamilton, SO, P - Most outstanding player
Evan Spivey, 1B
Mike Weatherly, 3B
Josh Kreiser, OF
Jeff Butler, OF
Roger Carpenter, DH
All-Dixie Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
Matt Swingle, SS First
Joe Kansco, C First
Dave McGovern Second
Eric Guardino, OF Second
Leroy Parrish Second
David Campbell  
Matt Swingle, SS
Sam Puryear, DH First
David Campbell, OF First
Craig Chrisman Honorable mention
Tony James Honorable mention
Dale Hasick Honorable mention
Jeff Ashnault, SS First
Glen Pizzanello, OF First
David Campbell First
Rex Roth Honorable mention
Dwayne Puryear Honorable mention
Andy Hesington Honorable mention
Jon Lester Honorable mentiton
Dale Hasick Honorable mention
Mike Mustain Honorable mention
James Morris Honorable mention
Gravitt, P Honorable mention
Hesington, 1B Honorable mention
Matthews, 2B Honorable mention
Pizzanello, 3B/OF Honorable mention
Barnett, OF Honorable mention
Eshelman, OF Honorable mention
Joe Henzel Honorable mention
Glen Pizzanello Honorable mention
Joe DoGiacomo, C Honorable mention
Abbate, DH Honorable mention
Joey Holland, OF Honorable mention
Ed Cowell Second
Rob Fallon, 3B First
Dan Page, 1B  
Glen Pizzanello
Rob Fallon, 2B First
Joe Buontempo, OF First
Dan Page, 1B Honorable mention
Joe Frizzell Honorable mention
Scott Smith  
Dan Page, 1B FIrst
Tony Brewer, OF First
Matt Sinnen, C First (unanimous)
Scott Smith  
Matt Sinnen, C First
Dan Page  
Matt Sinnen, C First
Dan Page  
Doug Carroll, DH First
Tim Albert, 1B First
Bobby Jacobs, 2B First
Kevin Thornton, OF First
Tony Brewer, OF First
Tim Albert, 1B First
Kevin Thornton, OF First
Bobby Jacobs, OF First
Earl Jordan, OF First
Rick Ezell, SS First
Gene Hassell, P First
Gene Hassel, OF First
Rick Ezell, SS First
Earl Jordan First
Bruce Zirkle, OF Honorable mention
DIAC Coach of the Year
1988 Nick Boothe